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Apple’s iPad and iPod service

The Apple iPad is a great gadget which is getting more and more useful in the modern day life, but it also sometimes breaks. It is better if the problem is obvious. For example, break or burst of the display caused by a fall.

But if the reason for the malfunction of the device is not obvious and the damage is unusual, it is reasonable to refer to the specialists of our service – we will save you a lot of time and of course, money.


Common problems for which require repairs on an iPad:

  • Broken display
  • The device is not loading
  • It does not turn on
  • The display does not lit
  • The Apple logo is fading
  • The device is not connecting with iTunes

To determine whether the problem is major, try restarting your device while pressing the Home button and the power button, hold until the apple logo appears.
If the Apple does not appear, we will expect you in one of our services – repair is needed. It is possible that the problem lies in one of the boards of the interface.

iPod Service

Repair and service of all models of the iPod: iPod Touch and iPod Nano.

ipod serviceipod service

Common problems with the iPod:

  • Broken display
  • The display does not lit
  • Home button does not work on the iPod
  • hardware problems with your iPod
  • software update

You can use the contact section to describe your problem with your iPod or iPad, or contact us by phone, skype or visit us at one of our offices.

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