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Vertu service

Vertu mobile phones are exceptional.
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Vertu phones

Each device is assembled manually by the use of expensive materials. Some of the units are made of sapphire glass, and as a coating are using precious and rare types of skin, which makes them a work of art. The housing is most often made out of titanium, which guarantees the highest durability of mobile phones Vertu.

Over time, even devices with indicators of strength and reliability of this level need maintenance or repair, but not every company undertakes this responsibility. This can be explained by the fact that working with such mobile phones require high qualifications, experience and thorough knowledge of the principles of installation and operation of the devices. Repair of Vertu can be considered art, and our services performe maintenance and repair of these phones. Our experts are a strong team that loves his job. We are constantly improving our knowledge and skills, which makes our service center one of the best. Our long experience allows us to perform the most complex repairs of Vertu.

In the process of repair and maintenance of mobile phones Vertu we use only the most modern and professional equipment which allows us to accurately determine the damage and identify the malfunctioning of individual elements. If necessary, we can implement the planned overview of your Vertu. Such inspections can detect potential problems and prevent a device from serious damage.

Most often, after prolonged use of mobile phone Vertu, its appearance loses its beauty. The elements covered in leather wear out, the color of the phone is unclear. All this can be easily removed. It is enough to contact our service center, and we will make your Vertu again brilliant. Our experts will replace the worn leather with new. Moreover, the customer can choose your favorite color or its origin. The phone will be polished, resulting in recovery of its original color. Also, all scratches are removed.

Besides appearance, we are dealing with the repair and replacement of functional elements. So, if necessary,we will replace the speakers, microphones and boards that are responsible for the quality of transmission and reception. Your Vertu‘s display is damaged? – no problem. Our experts will replace it with a new one in the shortest time. In our warehouse we always have available spare parts for various models of mobile phones Vertu. We use only original spare parts, which is confirmed by appropriate documentation.

After a repair of a phone, we make a comprehensive diagnostics and only then return the device to its owner. Due to the fact that the spare parts are purchased directly from the manufacturer, our company offers very low prices for the repair of Vertu. Each client receives a warranty for the work. The complexity of the repair affects only the length of the warranty. As to our service, you can be sure that your Vertu is in safe hands. High level of service, reasonable prices and high qualifications of our staff – and it is not all that we can offer our customers.

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